Saturday, September 4, 2010

Magic Scratch

Last night was a "Magic Scratch" night.

First, let me tell you what Magic Scratch is, then I will tell you about the fun filled craft event.

Magic Scratch is colorful glossy paper coated with black tempera paint. When the tempera paint is "scratched" off, with a wooden stick, beautiful colors are revealed.

The craft event last night was space themed. We used Magic Scratch bookmarks, doorhangers, and frames with "space" stencils.

We had a great turn out at the craft table. Kids of all ages had fun; the toddler set liked to scratch off all of the paint to reveal the board underneath, the elementary set really got into it with some fantastic designs; the pre-teen set even gave it a try; the adults were really interested and I think would have sat down to try it out if there had been room at the table, I should have made a table just for them.

Here are some of the "Out of this World" designs; done by the kids:

A lot of parents were asking me where they could get the supplies to do this project, at home. I bought the scratch board kits from Oriental Trading online. Here is the LINK.
You could also go to your local Art & Craft supply store; I'm sure they will have kits, probably not as big a selection as what you will find online.

"Shoot for the stars" and keep on crafting!

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  1. Very cool. It's better than a lottery ticket, since you'll get to keep it in the end. ;)