Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quick Color Project

I love this project. It is so simple, all you need is a blank sheet of paper, a black pen and a box of crayons, pens or colored pencils.

For those of you craving to use color on the pen pattern diary, now is your chance.

Step One:
Using your black pen create a pattern to color in. In one continuous stroke scroll your pen around the page until you have filled it in. Your design should be random; don't over think it. Once you have your pattern be sure there are no "open" shapes. If so, close them off with a line.

Step two:
Color your shapes in.

Daniel thinks my design looks like a clown face. Do you see it?

How easy is that???

(You can refer to my color wheel when making your color scheme choices)

To add interest to your masterpiece think about using one of these color schemes:

Complementary - Colors opposite each other on the color wheel. I used orange and blue as my complementary colors, but you could also use red and green, or purple and yellow.

Analogous - adjacent hues on the color wheel. For example, red and purple, purple and blue, blue and green, etc.

Monochromatic - variations of a single hue. This can be very interesting! Choose 3 or 4 shades of the same color. For example, yellow green, green, granny smith apple, and spring green.

Triadic - Three colors equidistant on the color wheel. This is very popular with the younger, yellow and blue.

Have fun with this quick and easy project!
What does your design look like? Send me an email of your drawing and I will post it on my Artist Gallery page.


  1. I'll have Nate do this tonight, and I'll send you a picture. He'll love it. Especially if he gets to use an ink marker.