Sunday, August 29, 2010

Drumroll, please!

Remember, a few months back, when I decided it was time to give purpose to my blogging? No? Click HERE for a refresher.

Well, the time has come! Drumroll, please (think drunk grandma in Christmas Vacation; when Clark is about to light up the house)....Ta Dahhhhhhhh!


Princess Pea is me, need a reminder? Click HERE
I am taking all of my knowledge as a crafter, artist, camp counselor, party planner and mom and turning it into my creative new blog.

The blog will be geared towards kids; with craft ideas, art into artwork (using the masters as inspiration), party ideas for kids and Moms (think ULTIMATE GNO), and fun ideas to keep kids entertained and parents sane.

I hope you enjoy my new brain child. Keep your eyes open for my first party idea; coming this week: "Everything is better with GLOWSTICKS".

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