Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stained Glass Fall Leaves

It is HOT here in Southern California. Yesterday, Los Angeles hit 113 degrees! It is Fall, right?

When I was little, and it was hot like this, my sister and I would melt crayons on the bricks in our yard. We would break the crayons into little pieces and then melt the pieces together. It was one of my favorite things to do! Many years later Crayola came out with a crayon making machine; the machine took little pieces and melted them together in the form of a new crayon...kind of takes the fun out of the old fashioned way.

Anyway, the melted crayon idea got me can I incorporate melted crayons into a fall craft project?

Stained Glass Fall Leaves

What you will need:
1. Old, unwrapped crayons in an assortment of fall colors
2. scissors
3. wax paper
4. hole punch
5. curling ribbon
6. iron
7. old pillow case or baking parchment paper

optional items:
egg carton (I'll explain)
leaf stencils (you could free hand if you want)

Step one:
Tear off sheet of waxpaper. Fold in half.

Step two:
Shave crayons with scissor blade between the two halves. We used child safe scissors and they worked just fine.

This is wear the egg carton might be handy. If your child is too young to shave the crayons...YOU can shave the crayons into the egg carton and then HE/SHE can spread the shavings on the waxpaper.

Be sure to spread the crayon shavings evenly on the waxpaper.

Fold over the top half of the waxpaper to cover the bottom half.

Step Three:
Turn the iron onto the lowest setting. Place an old pillowcase or parchment paper on the ironing board; to protect the ironing board.

Step Four:
This is the REALLY fun part...put the crayon/waxpaper sandwich on top of the old pillow case or parchment paper. On top of the waxpaper sandwich place another piece of parchment paper; so the iron does not stick to the waxpaper. Quickly run the iron over the project. The crayons will melt quickly. Kids love to watch while you melt the crayons!

Step Five:
Let the crayon sheet cool for just a minute. Peel off the parchment paper.
This is what you will have:

Step Six:
Trace your leaf patterns onto the melted crayon sheet with a crayon. You will not see the crayon color, just an indentation on the waxpaper.

Step Seven:
Cut out the leaves.

Final Step:
Hole punch the leaves and use ribbon to hang in front of the window.

Have fun decorating for fall!
Send me a picture of your finished stained glass fall leaves and I will post it in the artist gallery:

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