Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spider Bite Cupcakes

I had to share these spider bite cupcakes with you...they are adorable and YUMMY!

The idea came from WomansDay magazine, but my mom put her creative touch on them.

Here is the link for the yummy recipe...Click Here

Now, it has to be said that my mom has a weakness for Mallomars. She actually can't be trusted around a box...she just might eat them all! In fact, I was a little worried that these yummy mallomar inspired cupcakes might not make the trip up to my nephews house. How sad would their little faces be if they opened up the cupcake container to half eaten (only the mallomars) cupcakes? Luckily she showed some restraint. Mom, I am proud of you!

She made her cupcakes extra special...she used halloween themed cupcake wrappers, tinted the frosting orange, skipped the nose (because, do spiders really have noses?), and used little white cupcake candies for the eyes.

These cupcakes made our day and really got us in the Halloween spirit.
Thanks Mom, I love you.

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  1. How long after you made the cupcake did you eat them? I made them and my tootsie roll legs melted to a carmel like consistency and ozzed all over. I made them on a Saturday for Sunday.